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My name is Jan Sabbe, a freelance software architect with experience in agile methodologies and in a variety of technologies. I have practical knowledge of .Net, Java, web development and native iOS development. I often take on the role of lead developer and architect. My coaching approach consists of leading by example, sharing observations and active listening. I value mixed scrum teams, open communication and delivering real business value.




Java, Kafka, Spring boot, ElasticSearch, AWS
Senior Consultant mar 2018 - ...

Creation of Customer engagement platform over social media & messaging at scale.

SDWorx - EBlox

.NET, C#, AngularJS, SQLServer, NServiceBus, Typescript
Architect / Lead Developer sept 2016 - feb 2018

Tackling legacy C++ software and converting it to a modern .NET web application.

QPark - C2C

.NET, C#, AngularJS, SQLServer, REST, NServiceBus, CouchDB
Architect / Lead Developer apr 2015 - aug 2016

Development of Contact to Customer web application and backend services for QPark.

Cegeka App Factory

Objective-C, Swift, iOS, Core Data, REST, Cocoa Touch
Architect jan 2014 - mar 2015

Development of native iOS applications for Q8, Van Gansewinkel, Pigvision. Research and development of new technologies. Working in a distributed team (nearshoring Romania)


Java, SOAP, Spring, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Developer / Coach may 2013 - jan 2014

Development of new applications and supporting legacy software. Working in a distributed team (nearshoring Romania)

Credoc - eDepot

Agile coaching, Scrum, XP, TDD
Agile coach oct 2012 - apr 2013

Agile transition project. Introducing TDD and Scrum practices in a team by giving courses, pair programming and leading by example.

Clearstream - CmaX

Agile coaching, Scrum, XP
Agile coach jan 2012 - oct 2012

Agile transition project. Introducing TDD and Scrum practices in a team by pair programming and leading by example. Aiding in software development of project.

Argenta - Okapi

Java, Hibernate, Spring, JSF, SOAP
Developer jun 2010 - dec 2011

Green-field development of an application for Argenta office holders. Integration with legacy backend.


JEE, Java, Hibernate, Spring, JSF, Kodo
Developer jul 2008 - may 2010

Development of administrative application supporting Belgian social security for independents.


Java, Hibernate, Struts
Developer oct 2006 - jun 2008

Development of public website allowing expats to register when working in Belgium. (Limosa declaration)